Baby’s first Christmas

OK so I feel a bit like a fraud writing that title as technically Archie’s 11 months in a few weeks and is much more of a little boy these days. But I wanted to document his first Christmas and the highs and lows of sharing it with a nearly one year old.


Getting in the festive spirit

So first things first, I’m a big fan of real Christmas trees and decorating it is one of my all-time favourite festive activities. But having witnessed Archie climb up every piece of furniture and pretty much destroy anything he can get his hands on in the house I knew we would need to have a rethink this year. So we opted for an artificial table top tree and although it adds a bit of festivity it really isn’t as good as having the real thing. It’s also been met with quite a lot of frustrated grunts from our little Arch as he’s desperately been trying to pull the baubles down (only once did he succeed!).

Something which I fear Archie might tell me off for in years to come is my obsession with putting him in Christmas outfits. I’m not sure there has been a day in December where he hasn’t worn something festive – we’ve had an elf outfit, reindeer tops, sprout bibs, Christmas tree leggings, a Christmas pudding onesie and everything else in between. And I’ve taken photos of pretty much every single one of them so sorry in advance Arch for documenting them to ‘enjoy’ in future years!

One of my other favourite things about Christmas is the fact that mostly it puts people in a good mood. Well apparently Archie didn’t get the memo on this one and we’ve had our fair share of grumpiness along the way. ‘Tis the season to have a constant cold/ illness apparently and we’ve also had a particularly bad spell of teething this month.

However as a big fan of lights, music and all things shiny there have been some smiles too and it’s made going to the shops/ garden centre an unusually enjoyable experience.

Christmas traditions

Christmas seems the perfect time to introduce some new family traditions so the first present I bought for Archie was a bauble (which had Baby’s First Christmas 2018 written on it). I thought it would be something I could buy him every year so that when he’s old enough to have his own tree he would have a good collection to get him started.

Another tradition we started on Christmas Day was a family photo of us holding the photo from Christmas Day the previous year. I thought this would be a nice way to document our growing family even if last years’ is of me looking like a large whale (heavily pregnant may I add – not just bloated from eating too many mince pies!).

Christmas Day

This year we spent Christmas at my parents’ house with my Nana and my sister’s family. It was lovely to have everyone together even if it was a little chaotic with two under 1 year olds and one 3 year old. Fortunately my mum and dad are brilliant hosts so there wasn’t any cooking or washing up for any of us to do this year and we spent most of the day eating or drinking everything in sight.

Archie discovered his new favourite game which involves him standing one side of Nana’s glass door and anyone on the other so he could wave/ kiss/ laugh at them in return (it’s possibly the cutest thing he’s ever done – I’ve left a video on my Instagram if anyone fancies a nose!). This was definitely my highlight of Christmas even if it did mean a 5 minute detour for anyone wanting to leave the room.

My nephew (the 3 year old) did a sterling job of unwrapping everyone’s presents – luckily Archie and my niece are too little to open theirs themselves! And apart from the fact that Archie’s completely terrified of the paper, his presents mostly went down well. We made a conscious effort not to buy him too many things because to be honest he’s not that interested in toys at the moment and he’d much rather scale the furniture scouring for all the things he not allowed to have!

The best £15 ever spent (thanks Nana and Grandad) has to go to this singing dog which belts out “we wish it could be Christmas everyday” at the touch of a paw. Archie’s completely besotted and loves to jive along to it about 30 times a day (which reminds me I must invest in some better earplugs next year).


The best Christmas

Despite not being a relaxing one it really was my favourite Christmas to date and I can’t wait to see Archie’s reaction in future years when he actually understands it all. Hope you’ve all had a happy and healthy one. Now to get back to normality and maybe a bit of rest (….not a chance!).

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